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Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique

A Conversation with Joyce Stenstrom and Marian Goldberg

Curiosity, playfulness, honesty . . . When you think about the person who started the Alexander Technique and the people who started Ergonomics, those same attributes that they had—curiosity and persistence—are still the keys.

You have to be willing to give up false notions. You can't just add new information to what you already believe.
~Joyce Stenstrom

Joyce Stenstrom was formerly the Ergonomist for the Mayo Clinic and now works as an independent consultant. She began taking private Alexander Technique lessons with Carol and Brian McCullough in 1996. Marian Goldberg is an Alexander Technique teacher and the Director of the Alexander Technique Center of Washington Teacher Training Program.

This in-depth conversation focuses on how Ergonomics relates to the Alexander Technique as a field of study and as a profession and on issues in the two disciplines.

The first two installments of the conversation appeared in the NASTAT (North American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) newsletter.

Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique: Part I
Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique: Part II
Ergonomics and the Alexander Technique: Part III


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